Combining the American West with Judaic Practice….

HaYair on the Wilderness Quest*

ReBahir has created a unique way to combine the physical realities of the American West with the spiritual guidance of Judaic practice. Set in the 19th Century, these stories become a unique way to glean the essence of the Jewish HolyDays brought to the surface by the interaction between a Rebbe and a plethora of characters of the Old West.

HaYair on the Wilderness Quest is the story of a Rabbi from the Yeshivot in Eastern Europe who immigrated to the United States in 1849 to take the position as the first pulpit Rabbi in the American West.

Take a ride with a European trained Rabbi through America’s western wilderness in the eighteen hundreds. As he heads west to the first Jewish congregation that was formed in 1849 in California, this Rebbe becomes involved with immigrants, runaway slaves, Native Americans, cowboys, prospectors, mountain men and townsfolk.

Through these adventures, ReBahir teaches the deeper meaning of Jewish holidays. ReBahir’s considerable knowledge of Jewish history, tradition and spirituality and his studies in the history and mythology of the West, inform and delight readers. These are the stories of the Yair’s wanderings throughout the West and the people he met while celebrating Jewish Holy Days. A fun, engrossing and thought provoking way for children and teenagers (and even adults reading the stories to their children) to learn more about Jewish HolyDays.

The stories are riveting,

the messages are powerful
and the learning painless.

* in publication

Psalms for ‘Children’ of all Ages

Psalms are a powerful and meaningful tool for spiritual enlightenment. Inspired by his teacher, Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, ReBahir’s innovative approach to Psalms for Children and the translations he chooses bring a depth of meaning to the Psalms to light in a way that will make them a part of every child’s inner growth.

This volume contains twenty-two translations, along with a page for each letter of the Hebrew Alef Bet (alphabet) in ReBahir’s signature art form, ShoJewDo calligraphy containing a sweet explanation of the letter.

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