In Hebrew, every word is a verb.
When we try the same thing in English,
some surprising and wonderful things can occur.

For example, when we take the word
‘Jew’ as a noun,
we ask,
who is a Jew?

When we use the word
‘Jew’ as an adjective, Jew-ish,
we might ask,
which kind of a Jew are you?

But, when
Jew becomes a verb, Jew-ING
the questions flow in a different direction.

I refuse to reduce the verb ‘Jew’ to the anti-Semitic cliches.  I take back the term from the haters.  I proudly ask of myself the good questions:

How do you Jew?
When do you Jew? 
Where do you Jew?
How often do you Jew?
What is your Jew-ING quotient?

I have been thinking a lot lately about the Jew-ING in my life. This month in the Jewish calendar  is Elul and in Elul we begin a process of self-examination, of self-exploration in preparation for the high of the High Holy Days.  We take this month of Elul to to look within, to let go and then look forward to 5774.

Elul is here.  It is time for us to verb-alize our Jew-ING.

How do you Jew?
Do you Jew your food?
Do you Jew ritually?
Do you Jew your money into Tzedakah to help others?
Do you Jew with your children?
How do you Jew daily?

This is the month when we begin the self-examination of our own Jewing.

I suppose what we are really Jew-ING this month is Eluli-ING!