Today is 12/12/12
This seems to be a special date. My brother pointed out that this is the last time in our lifetime that the day, month and year will be the same number. He challenged his friends and students to interpret this phenomenon.
One might see in 12/12/12 the double reminder that there is hope and yet we have more to do. It is the date of ‘almost.’
12 is almost the age of Bar Mitzvah, the age of responsibility. Students have been studying, preparing (in theory) to become responsible members of the Jewish community, ‘Members of the Tribe.’ 12 is almost the age of membership.
12+12=24 which is almost the ‘equational’ equivalent of G’s name (which is 26). G’s name represents perfection, oneness, within and beyond time. And 24 is almost the number of the Holy One of Being.
12+12+12=36 which represents the number of perfectly righteous human beings on the planet at any given time. 36 represents the balance between good and evil. One less and the world will spiral into evil. One more perfectly righteous soul would tip the scales in the other diretion and we would live heavenly days on earth. 36 is almost the number of perfection.
12, 24, 36 are numbers that represent hope for the future and the challenge to continue the good work of making the world into a messianic masterpiece.
Oh and by the way, at 12 minutes and 12 seconds after 12:00 on 12/12/12 it will be 12+12+12+12+12+12 which equals 72. 72 represents one of the names we attribute to G. It is derived from Exodus 14: 19-21. Each verse contains 72 letters. The first word in each verse translates to “come,” “go” and “extend.” We travel down the road, we “come” and “go” on our life path. But if we are going to improve our world, to make it Mashiah friendly, we are going to have to continue to “extend” ourselves.
We are almost there but we have to “keep on keepin on” until we and our all people can live heavenly days on earth.