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Purim is silly. We drink and eat and dress in funny costumes and makes lots of noise.

Purim invites us to to play hide-n-seek. Nowhere in the story do we read the comforting ןיאמר השם “and G said…” Rather, we are invited to dig deeper to find the נסתר Nistar, the hidden. We find the G-flow in the actions of humanity.  The flow of circumstance, the synchronicity of events is the כלי tool of G to encourage us to Jew mindfully, heartfully, fully, as did Hadassah and Mordechai.

But it is so much more than that.

Purim is a helpful hint.
Purim pointer of deep direction.
Purim is a time when simple coincidence reveals a deeper synchonatic awareness.

Two amazing individuals, who have been gifts to my life, came to life (in this realm) on Purim, proving my point.

Talia, my daughter was born on Taanit Esther in 1981. She has increased my joy, fulfilling the מצווה Mitzvah, the Sacred connection of Adar, “increase joy in Adar.”

Thank you Talia for always being that Mitzvah of joy in my life.

In the year that Israel became the modern, recognized,  Jewish state, 1948; In that year, on Purim, a baby with jet black hair and large inquiring eyes was born. She was given the name, “G is my Judge.” She came into my life in time for us to enter the 21st century hand in hand. Her name changed, becoming “G’s Compassion” which she evidenced in her amazing openness and passion for compassion to all who crossed her path.  Our life together flowed and still flows like a river of deep spiritual discovery. Sometimes the river is rough, whitecaps and swells rocking our boat and at other times we rock gently on with the current. But always I have a partner who plumbs the depth, whose balance of compassion and judgement has kept our lives buoyant and vital. Her name has morphed again. Her name reflects that balance and that depth and I am grateful.

And so today, when Hedvah’s secular and Jewish birth dates coincide, I offer a blessing of health and happiness and balance and joy and love for this woman who is that blessing to me.