I don’t get it.  The two leggeds always speak of the Ten Commandments.  What Ten Commandments.  I mean I was there; Moshe leaned on me as he climbed that small mountain to receive council from G.  We were there for forty days.  Do you think that G just gave him a couple of blocks of stone with ten statements on them? Is that all there was?  How ridiculous!  To be sure there were ten statements made but so much more.  It is true that Moshe spoke those ten statements to the people but that was but the prologue. This was not a script written in stone.  He told the people the prologue and then he climbed back up the mountain to sit in council again and again and again.

G emanated to Moshe civil law and guidelines for helping the poor.

G radiated onto Moshe criminal law and the helping the downtrodden.

G shared with Moshe rules for loans and the proper way to protect the dignity of those borrowing.

And then Moshe ferried the sacred knowledge to the people.  Moshe talked of the festivals and the festive gathering times.

G taught Moshe the path of righteousness and integrity for Moshe to relay to the people.

Moshe learned the process for judges and the procedure for priests.

Again and again Moshe went up and came down sharing what he had learned on the mountain before G.

And the people heard and they said:  “We will do and we will listen!” (Ex 24:7).

Moshe even learned the way of building the Ohel Mo’ed, the tent of Sacred Meeting and everything in it.                                                                                  The ways of coming closer to G, called Korbanot, those too did G share with Moshe.

Finally G gave to Moshe a crib sheet of notes of the things that had been taught.  On 2 stone tablets they were written.  Once destroyed and then rewritten.

Where are the Ten Commandments?  I was there. Moshe leaned on me on the way up and more heavily on the way down. Each time he leaned more heavily on me.  He leaned on me sharing his burden, the burden of leading the willful people, the burden of transmitting the sacred messages, the burden of disappointment and the burden of crying out to G on behalf of the people.  So often did we go up and down that I thought he would wear me down to a twig.  But never did he have a simple set of Ten Commandments.  It was and is so much more complicated than that.

There is a holiday that celebrates the not so simple gift of G, it is called Shavuot.  It does not celebrate some simple ten commandments.  Silly two leggeds draw pictures and even want this fallacy set in stone in courthouses.  Don’t they get it, don’t they understand that the gift is so much more than an easy carving of 10 rules for better living.  It sounds like a cheap self-help book.

But it is not!

It is Torah, a Sacred Guide and a Sacred Process.

It is truly the gift that keeps on giving, the uplifting process of going up and down the mountain.                                                                                                    It is the gift of the soul building a life path for all two leggeds.

That is the gift that was given.  It is up to you two leggeds now to receive it.