When I was a thousand years younger, I enjoyed a show called “Man in a Suitcase.”   It was because I enjoyed the show so much that it was taken off the air, but that is my burden not my point.  In one episode, the anti-hero protagonist is hired by a very ‘bad man’.  When he delivers the information required, the bad man requires more.  When the protagonist refuses and demands payment the bad man threatens blackmail.  The protagonist proceeds to visit an enormous amount of physical violence upon the bad man and a rather large and distasteful assistant bad man.  He takes his money by force and is about to leave.  The bad man looks up at him from is defeated and painful place and asks:  “What is the difference between my blackmail and yours?”  One would expect a pithy, philosophical response but that was not to be and one of the reasons that I so enjoyed the show.  The protagonist looks back at the crumpled figure on the floor and says:  “Mine works!”  He exits with my applause and cheers, enough to doom any television show by the powers that  be.  My point is not to complain about the obvious inequity of the powers that be, who, when they find out that I enjoy a show, immediately take it off the air.  As an aside and if any of the powers that be are looking in I hate the tv show Justified, I hate the tv show Big Bang Theory and I hate the Jon Stewart Show, so please don’t take them off the air.

Now back to my subject.  “It works!”  That simple pragmatic statement was effective and fun for me the viewer.  And it has now come back to bite me in the tush.  As we all know by now, the Amalekite, Osama Bin Laden has been killed, shot the head with a US American bullet .  the story is filled with excitement, bravery, nail biting suspense and the correct ending.  But there is one disturbing detail.  Some of the intel that led to the timely demise of our thuggish nemesis came from Gitmo.  Gitmo is an illegal and unethical detainment center about which I and others have been complaining (including our President) for years.  It is a blot on our country and the ideals for which we stand.  It is ineffective, for we all know that torture does not work.  And yet it appears that critical intel came from the methods we abhor in a place that is an offense to our way of life.

I do not know what to make of this and I await further information.  But for the moment I am of two minds.  On the one hand, that this place should not exist and we should be ashamed of ourselves for creating it and continuing it.  But another voice says simply:  “It worked!”