I am sharing my story for the first time.  And it is about time.  I have been here since the beginning, even before the beginning.  What does that mean, you ask? It means that I am not some descendant of ancient race; I am the antecedent of an ancient race.  I am the Mateh מטה, I was taken from the original tree in the original garden.  I was there before any of the 4 leggeds and before the 2 leggeds and all the other leggeds.  I am from the family of one leggeds, the trees.  We are far superior to the other leggeds that scurry around all over the place chasing or being chased.  We stand and grow tall digging our roots into the very earth that the 2 legged and 4 legged scamper over without thought.  We are the watchers, we trees, we Aitzim עצים and I come from the original watcher the Tree of Life.  Before the time of the 2 leggeds, before the time of the 4 leggeds, before the time of mother earth herself, even before the time of time, I was there.  Well it wasn’t exactly me for there was but G and beginnings had not yet begun.,  Before there was an I or a Thou, before time and space, before the before there was but G.  And G created all and it was all done with a beginning.  G began beginnings and the path that was to be, began.

G began the beginnings and then created concepts and turned them into matter and energy from which came space and time.  And it all started with the idea of creating, the very blueprints for creation.

Oh when you read in the Sacred Guide called Torah תורה you may not get the depths of meaning, after all you are merely a two legged.  But I am the Matehמטה  I understand.  The very first words, “Beraesheet Bara Elohim בראשית ברא אלוהים” are the first clue.  It means “By means of a beginning did G create.”  And I was there and when G created that perfect Garden, I as part of the Tree of Life was put into it and the Tree of Knowledge as well.  We are sisters related by root.  The Tree of Knowledge was put in to help the two leggeds grow.  I from the Tree of Life was given to them to find the deeper reality, the mystical meaning of life.

Now if you read that portion called Beraesheet בראשית you know of the troubles of the first 2 leggeds.  They were naked and knew nothing.  But what you don’t know is that I from the Tree of Life helped them to take the first steps on the spirit path.  I held myself in such a way that the wind blew through me coaxing the female one toward the Tree of Knowledge.  It was so subtle as G’s Ruah רוח, ‘Wind Spirit’ blew the words; “Don’t eat from that tree in the middle of the Garden!”  Oh you silly two leggeds.  How easily manipulated you are.  If you are told you are not to do something, you just can’t resist.  But G added a little encouragement in the form of Sammy.  Sammy is a Nahash נחש a snake.  We call him Sammy the Snake.  It is a colorful nickname.  Now Sammy was supposed to be a crawly reptile without legs.   But before G completed the job, G had Sammy sit on the tree and speak to the female.  He was wily that Sammy was.  He said: “Why don’t you eats from this tree?”  The female said; “No, G has said that we can’t eat or even!”  You have to hand it to Sammy.  With that little exaggeration, he knew that he had her.  “I am touching it, try nothing will happen.”  G just said that because if you eat from this tree you will become wise and G wants to keep you down.”  I had to chuckle when I heard that.  She reached out and touched it and then, when nothing happened she tasted it.  G had made the fruit to taste really good so that she would want the fruit of the tree of knowledge.  So with her mind beginning to open she offered it to the male two legged.  He ate it too and enjoyed.  But of course knowledge is not all happiness and fun.  For example they received the knowledge called guilt.  G blew the Ruah רוח, ‘Wind Spirit’ through my branches again and the couple heard it as anger and punishment.  So they left the perfect garden where I, the perfect tree resided.

Now I need to stop here and share something with you.  After all you are only a two-legged and might not understand.  G had tricked the couple into receiving a great gift. Learning, gaining knowledge is one of the greatest gifts that G ever made.  But how do you get people to accept a gift that will require some effort on their part.  Why not stay in the garden or eat of me, the tree of life.  Oy the four choices were there.  What, don’t you see them?  Let me help you, after all I am the Mateh מטה, the guide.  The first choice would have been to eat nothing, to obey G blindly.  They would have lived their lives in ignorance and passed on with no heir and there would be an end to the two leggeds.  The Second choice would have been to eat from me and not the tree of knowledge.  Oh the tragedy.  They would have lived forever, never had children (for that is the price you pay for eating from the tree of life) and never grown or learned.  Everlasting cattle, (no offense is meant to those four leggeds) with no chance for spiritual growth.  The Third choice would have been a punishment beyond any horror that you could imagine.  What if they had (G forbid) eaten from both trees.  They would have lived forever, learned and learned and grown and grown but never have been able to pass it on to their children.  The awareness that eternity awaited, that learning would go on but with no one to share the joy, no one to receive the wisdom.  Oh the pointless existence that would have been.

But they did as G intended.  They ate from the Tree of Knowledge and this is really where my story begins.  For G’s Ruah רוח, ‘Wind Spirit’ broke off a limb from the tree and it fell at their feet.  They picked it up, well they picked me up, I am that limb I am the Matehמטה  and I have been with the two leggeds ever since.  I am the spirit guide; upon me can they lean as they travel across the planet.  By the way, do you know the names that G gave these two first two leggeds.  It is very telling.  He was called Adam אדם the Earthling for he came from the dust of the earth as, indeed, we will all return.  But her name is something else.  She who started the process off was called Hava חווה the Life Giver.  Is that not a beautiful name?  And that is how the story of the two leggeds began on the Earth that G created for all life.