There has been a lot of heat and very little light being spread regarding the immigration policy and problems in the United States.   It seems that no one is interested in facts nor history nor common sense.  The Big Lie is the big story of small minds.  Between Arizona’s SB 1070 and the call on the part of some Republicans to repeal that 14th Amendment which they sponsored and enacted in 1868, some strange ideas are floating around out there.

And I would like to add to them.

Some friends of mine who are Native Americans are all in favor of both of these actions.

First of all, they agree that all non-Native Americans should be required to carry proof that they are citizens of this land.  Of course that leads to the problem of who is a citizen of this land.  Since the 14th amendment is going to be repealed, being born on the land does not make you a citizen anymore.  How then does one prove citizenship.  The Tribal folk have been tracking members of the tribe (theirs not ours) for years.  There are databases and questionnaires and forms to fill and other bits of red tape that the Red people have learned from the White people.

According to their good logic, if you cannot prove that you are born into one of the thousands of tribes that existed here before the Spanish, and the British and the French came to this land, you will be arrested, held without bail and eventually deported. Being born here will no longer be enough. As I said, Native Americans with whom I have spoken are wildly in favor of the direction that politics are taking this year.

And they are not alone.

Mexican Americans are also in favor, but only if we take SB 1070 and the repeal of the 14th Amendment together.  The question that they posit is how far can we go back.  The date that they propose is 1846 (the Mexican American War) though some radicals wish to go back to 1836 (when Texas seceded from Mexico)  since they wish to remember before the Alamo.  They say that anyone born in the United States, well at least that part that includes Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, California, Utah, Nevada and parts of Wyoming, are not really citizens of that land which belonged to Mexico and was stolen from them in war.  Therefore all Anglos (their term not mine) should be forced to pay reparations and immigrate behind the 1836 borders.  Of course any Anglos who are descendents of people who lived in that area before 1836 must carry papers with them at all times or risk arrest and deportment.

Well politics does make for strange bedfellows.  And we must always remember that you can lead a politician to water but you can’t make him think.

On the other hand, I am personally against both actions.  I am not a politician but I do know a bissel about history.  I remember that the ideas now being posited during this round of election insanity are much older than they seem.

You see, in 1654 a boatload of our tribe arrived in New Amsterdam and were warmly welcomed.  Well not warmly welcomed exactly, rather hotly welcomed by Peg Leg Pete aka Peter Stuyvesant the director-general or as we thought of him the dictator-general of New  Netherland.  He was an elder of the Reformed Church and son of a minister.  He wanted the Reformed Church to be the state religion for America.  He felt that if Jewish immigrants were not deported immediately the colony would suffer.  He sought to deport them as illegal aliens because Jews were  “deceitful,” “very repugnant,” and “hateful enemies and blasphemers of the name of Christ.”  He was afraid that allowing Jews would be the first step towards hell and damnation.  If Jews were allowed in, it would serve as evil precedents.  For if  there was immigration reform and Jews were allowed in and given liberty then how could he keep out those damned Lutherans and Papists (Catholics).  So he wrote to the Dutch West India Company for permission to deport these illegal aliens.  Luckily for the Jews, and later the Lutherans and Catholic and even the Quakers, Jews were principal share holders in the Dutch West India Company.  The company voted with its pockets.

And to show that history repeats itself, some of those who wish the repeal of SB 1070 are thinking with their pockets today. They note that over 30% of the revenue to the state of Arizona comes from Hispanics.  If SB 1070 succeeds and if the Republicans can repeal the 14th amendment, the economy of Arizona will falter and fail, Hispanics will realize how important they are to the economy of this country and then where will we be.

Where is the Dutch West India company when you need them.