Surely this is the tested people thought the Mateh, resting in it’s usually place by the entrance of the tent. What a time this has been. First G emanates to this two legged to
“. . .get going.” That in itself is such a test. This two-legged and his wife and family walked south out of Syria and into a new country to settle. Then came the visit. It’s an honor to be visited, but to be visited by G’s messengers is mind blowing. And yet, what does one do with that information of mass destruction. There is going to be a mass destruction of a neighboring town. Now it is true that the people were pretty evil. But to destroy everything indiscriminately is a response of shock and awful. It is shocking and awful to kill the innocent with the guilty. One might even call it overkill. And there stood Avram standing up to G standing up to that test. Avram spoke out for justice. That is a first in history. No where in my wanderings do I recall someone standing up for justice especially not before G, thought the Mateh.

But the two-leggeds will learn from tests even when they do not do well. How many times over the millennia will people look to the heavens and ask: “Oh G, is this a test?” And, of course G knows that not everyone is an “A” student. Even Avram is not an “A” student. G tested Avram again with an emanation that was not clear, especially when one considers where Avram lives. Avram lives near people who have some pretty extreme beliefs and harsh practices. They even sacrifice their first born sons. So when G emanated to Avram; “Take your son for a sacrifice!” Avram misunderstood. He did not do so well on that test. He was actually considering sacrificing his son. Thank G that G stopped him.

After every test there is a lesson. The lesson here is that if you are one of the two-leggeds and you feel that G has told you to do something, stop, wait and think. Avram’s test teaches that G never requires death as a proof. G never requires death as a sign. G requires love, G requires compassion, G requires faith. G requires awe. And G requires reason. All life is chosen by G. But no one asks for what s/he (1) was chosen. The answer is, as all answers are, easy. All two leggeds are chosen to be tested. Even the word, in Hebrew, is the same. To be chosen is to be tested. And why should one be tested, so that one can learn. The two-leggeds learn from their tests and grow from them.

The Mateh sighs as only a Mateh can, as it looks upon this family of mother, father and son. Yes it is the beginning of the never-ending story of tests and lessons.
(1) I use s/he to avoid the awkward “she or he” or the more awkward choosing one sex over another