Welcome to Elul.

The month of pre-paring, paring down for the Days of Awe.

The month that pre-pares down to the essence of re-pairing with G. We pare down to the three pillars of re-pairing with our soul: the three pillars on which the world stands, Torah, prayer and acts of kindness.

Elul is the month of re-turn. We re-turn to our original balance by seeking forgivness. We forgive others as we seek forgiveness for ourselves.

Would you like to change something in your life?

Now is the time.

The doors open up for us now.

Opportunities that have been invisible to us throughout the year, appear at this holy time..

Now is the time.


We cannot repair the world alone.

We need to be in relationship to repair our torn world. We need to pair up as we pare down. It is time to seek our pairing again.

It is time to re-pair with The Wholly One of Being.

It is time to re-pair with our highest levels of soul, our highest selves through the Awesome Days that we call High HolyDays. The Shofar blasts away the extraneous, the extra baggage, as we pre-pare down and re-pair up.

Our sacred calendar contains the secret map.

There are many who know how to read this Jewish map.

It teaches us that the ‘reign’ of our eternal council

washes away the dust of our travels.

It teaches us that the winds of change

blow the shofar blasts of return on the hot, dusty road of life.

It teaches us that gaia’s seasons

council our connections with the sacred within the mundane.

The cycle of seasons are embedded with the connections

to re-pair us with our past

as we follow the gaia seasons into the future,

seasoned with the joys and sorrows of life.

And yet, our complacency misplaces our read on the map of our journey. When we come together at this season of great opportunity, we can experience a sacred council re-minding us of our mindful path. And then, our compacency can be pared away in consciousness.

When we pre-pare down, re-pair up and re-mind ourselves in mindfulness, we re-discover, the wholeness, the holiness of life.

By joining together for the High HolyDays, we are re-pairing with our tribal connections during these Awesome Days.

When we come together, when we re-turn, turn again to our Tribal path together, the weight is lifted, the wait is over and we who have pre-pared down and re-paired up and re-turned to the path together are ready to journal another year as we journey into 5769.

Let’s turn again to our Tribal path together,

Reb Bahir