Waking, Awakening

I open my eyes and stretch feeling the warm comfort of my bed and body. Then I slide deeper as I say: “I am thankful to be before you my life council, that my Neshamah my Soul Connection to you G, has returned with compassion renewed, in your abundance and faith.” I look around at the limited and limitless world of my bedroom. The greater feelings that I pray will govern my day flow out of my mouth. “The first ness that is wisdom begins with the Awe of G. Good smarts to all doers. G’s praise stands on. May I be immersed in the name of weighty honor through G’s eternal good council.” I rise and let my night soil evacuate my body and am thankful that my body process, the orifices and organs work in daily mundane miracles. Then I wash my body reminding myself, with the blessing words, of the sacred connection that elevates these mundane morning moments.

I pull out the garments of the day, and cover my body as my body covers and carries my souls. My garments remind me that my body too is a garment, dressing and teaching my soul, the ways of life and limits. My reminder garment, my tzitzit is checked and donned with blessing and reminder of my sacred connection to the Wholly One of Being. I notice that the action of donning tzitzit puts me in touch with all sacred connections, which we call Mitzvot.

I grab my Tallit, the wings of Shechinah and before I wrap myself in it/them I repeat my need/desire. “I do this act to bring Heaven to earth and earth to Heaven unifying in my heart and life the Kadosh Barchu, the Wholly One of Blessing and the Shechinah, my recognition of G in my daily life.” I know deep behind my mind’s soul, my Neshamah B’Ohr, that if we could all work together for that unification, Mashiah would be here. Then I hold those wings of my Tallit looking at the fringes, those strings around my finger reminding me of the 613 sacred connections that are the joining of body and soul, called the 248 organs and the 365 sinews of which the great teachers taught. I see the enlightened light of which Tzitzit are spiritual memory pegs. Just as I wrap myself physically here and now, may I also wrap myself in the 7 Mitzvot, sacred connections taught by the great teachers as I reach for the world to come, the beauty and peace of the Spiritual Womb, the Garden of Eden. I find liberation for my 3 fold soul, the body soul, the wind soul and the breath soul from the forces external to my soul camp. My hungry 3 fold soul is carried high under the spreading wings of my Tallit to my soul rest, as an eagle, alighting lightly in his nest full of hungry eaglets. May the importance to You Oh Wholly One of Being, of this sacred connection, fill me with the power of all of your sacred connections in all their personal and delicate intentions.

I wrap myself with blessing in my Tallit feeling those sacred wings and I call out in joy: “How precious is compassion, that we earthlings seek refuge in the shadow of the wings of Your compassion. May we find the satisfaction of coming home. May our thirsts be quenched from the waters of delight. Oh Source of life, from your light, we see the light.”

And then I turn to my Tfilin, the praying device made of, leather straps and leather boxes containing the spirit words of oneness and commitment. Again I put out the sacred desire that this Sacred Connection, this Mitzvah will unify the upper and lower worlds.

I recognize that by wrapping Tfilin I continue the connecting in sanctity with my Source of Being from which all Sacred Connections stem as it is written in my Sacred Guide (Torah): “Make the connection on your arm as a sacred symbol, and may they be the jewels between your eyes.” Four times it is mentioned the Sacred Guide (Torah) reminding us to focus, and listen deeply, to find holiness and wonder in order to leave the narrow minded places. From these four passages a unity bubbles to the surface, an awareness of our oneness with the Wholly One of Being in this world. The Tfilin is a reminder of wonder and miracles, of leaving the place of narrowness. This is the power of G’s sacred parables taken from on high Heaven, and from below, here on earth, to teach us the desire for righteousness.

G’s Sacred Connection to rest Tfilin on the arm is a reminder of the outstretched arm. It is near the heart that we may sight our hearts on sacred service. I put the Tfilin on my head in front of my mind, connecting my Soul Mind that will focus all my senses in the potential of sacred service, and so immerse myself in the Sacred Name which is Eternality.

May the Shefa, the sacred emanation from G flow through me and may these Tfilin, praying devices sensitize me to the awareness of that sacred flow. May it lengthen my life, and may that which flows from me contain holiness, holy thoughts, without the interference of mis-steps and mis-takes or hurtful errors. May this wrapping remind me not to be seduced into using my creative will for evil. May I find comfort in this heartful, sacred service.

I pray that the action of wrapping Tfilin put me in the powerful place of connecting every jot and tittle of all of Your sacred connections, which we call Mitzvot.

I recite my blessings as I wrap and adjust the heart sight Tfilin and my headlamp Tfilin. Then, before I begin my davenin, I offer this meditation. “From your Sefirah of Wisdom (Hochamah) on high, let me feel your emanations. From your Sefirah of Understanding (Binah) help me understand. From your Sefirah of unconditional love and kindness (Hesed) increase my capacity for love. From your Sefirah of Power (Gevurah) cut down my enemies and rebels (whether they are on the outside or within me). Pour Your good oil emanations onto the arms of Your Menorah, the lower 7 Sefirot. Cause Your goodness to flow for all of Your creation. Open your arms and let satisfaction flow to every living thing.

Now with Tallit and Tfilin, my wings, guiding light and sights set, I am ready to begin my davenin day.