The evening of June 1st,
began the seventh and final week of
the Counting of the Omer.
This is the week of
Malchut is usually translated as Kingdom or realm. This is the jumping off point for life
in the realm of
Assiyah, action.

Sunday evening
Day 1)
Hesed of Malchut:
As we prepare to leave the time of Omer counting,
we invoke the compassion that we have practiced
in our hearts and bring it forth into the reality of our daily lives.

Monday evening
Day 2)
Gevurah of Malchut:
So many temptations face us in our daily lives.
There are so many excuses. But for every missed opportunity there are far reaching consequences. Gevurah demands that we take control of our own lives, grabbing with gusto every opportunity for growth.

Tuesday evening
Day 3)
Tif’eret of Malchut:
In the realm of Assiyah/Action we need to walk in gentle balance between compassion for all earthlings and the discipline to live according to a code of right and wrong. Balance is the key to living mindfully and fully.

Wednesday evening
Day 4)
Netzah of Malchut:
Victory in this world comes with effort and inspiration. Netzah is the Sefirah of effort in the realm or reality.

Thursday evening
Day 5)
Hod of Malchut:
And the other side of the coin is inspiration. Hod inspiration, the moments of quiet insight is the blessing not of inaction but of mindfulness.

Friday evening
Day 6)
Yesod of Malchut:
Again we seek the balance between doing and being. There are times in this realm when we are called to deeds. There are other times when we feel the inner call, the call to discernment.

Saturday evening
Day 7)
Malchut of Malchut:
The moment before we enter into the realm, reality is upon us. We have walked for 48 days in the wilderness. Now there is nothing left to prepare. Now we stand on Sinai, ready to be offered Torah.

And if we have done our internal homework,
we are ready to recieve Torah as well.