The evening of May 25th,
began the sixth week of the Counting of the Omer.
This is the week of
Yesod is usually translated as fundament,
the fundamentals.
It is the center and centering place
(purple sphere in the above illustration)
in our Tree of Life.

Sunday evening
Day 1)
Hesed of Yesod:
In our deepest center, there are still times when circumstances will lead us to the right or left. Sometimes, while staying balanced we are pulled gently to the side of mercy.

Monday evening
Day 2)
Gevurah of Yesod:
Other times the pull is not so gentle as we feel the need to exert our inner power over outer circumstances

Tuesday evening
Day 3)
Tif’eret of Yesod:
Just as with walking, though we are pulled in one direction or another, there is a moment when the balance is complete, upper and lower, beauty and foundation, all are in harmony and balance.

Wednesday evening
Day 4)
Netzah of Yesod:
There are moments that call out for action. If we are balanced, prepared, centered, our action is true and victory is assured.

Thursday evening
Day 5)
Hod of Yesod:
And there are moments for quiet, for the being rather than the doing. Here too, when in harmony with our inner world, when in balance with our outer world, there are moments of meditation that are fulfilling, filled with humble mindfulness.

Friday evening
Day 6)
Yesod of Yesod:
Centering and centering and centering. We sink into our fundament, we return to fundamentals. Our roots take hold in our ancient sacred past and insight stretchs into the future. Deep into the earth and high into the heavens our Tree of Life grows in both directions touching heaven to earth.

Saturday evening
Day 7)
Malchut of Yesod:
All is like a dream until the moment of action. Our branches weave back and forth in the breeze of life between doing and being, between compassion and judgement until the moment for movement. Then in centeredness we leap whole-heartedly into the arena of action.