The evening of May 18th,
began the fifth week of the Counting of the Omer.
This is the week of Hod.
Hod is usually translated as Humility and Splendor.
Hod is the being of life.
It is those moments
when we stop the doing and begin the being.

Sunday evening
Day 1)
Hesed of Hod:
The day of the humility of compassion. In silence we sit and feel the awe of all that has come to pass,
all that is passing and all that will come to pass.

Monday evening
Day 2)
Gevurah of Hod:
It is not easy to sit. It is not an easy task to refrain from ‘tasking’ ourselves. It takes discipline and inner power to sit mindfully in utter awareness of the awe that flows.

Tuesday evening
Day 3)
Tif’eret of Hod:
There is a gentle beauty to sitting mindfully.
We stop the doing and focus on the being-awareness that all life is fleeting and yet never-ending.

Wednesday evening
Day 4)
Netzah of Hod:
Even in our time of being there is a sense of the doing. We sit within and without delving into our soul with the challenge to bring into the world that which is hidden deep within our souls.

Thursday evening
Day 5)
Hod of Hod:
Gentle breeze flowing through the grass, birds on the wing, the sweet smell of the wildflowers as we drift between wakefulness and sleep. Our minds totally at peace, our soul gently swaying in the breeze.

Friday evening
Day 6)
Yesod of Hod:
Yes, we lie in the soft bed of grass dozing and ‘dazing.’ And yet, deep within, hiding at the edge of consciousness, there is the awareness that even as we lie in that lazy hazy daze of glory, we are on the crust of a spinning globe hurtling through the universe,
the soul of G.

Saturday evening
Day 7)
Malchut of Hod:
Gently we rise and enter the world carrying our delicate sense of being, the splender that is all life.
We pray that the dust and grime of the realm of this reality will not hide from our hearts this moment of mystery.