The evening of May 11th,
began the fourth week of the Counting of the Omer.
This is the week of Netzach.
Netzach is usually translated as ‘Victory’.
Netzah is about activating our victory
over the surface self.

Sunday evening
Day 1)
Hesed of Netzach:
With compassion we look within, becoming aware of the need to battle the shallow and callow in our lives.

Monday evening
Day 2)
Gevurah of Netzach:
This becomes our day of discipline.
We map our strategy for victory over the baser instincts, as we plan our battle to elevate our soul.

Tuesday evening
Day 3)
Tif’eret of Netzach:
Balance is the key to victory.
We must balance our unconditional love with our inner power to face the hard challenges of enlightened evolution of the soul.

Wednesday evening
Day 4)
Netzah of Netzach:
We gird our loins for the battle ahead.
Gathering courage and strength to look deep within, we remember the Samurai dictum:
“Even after the battle, tighten your armor!”

Thursday evening
Day 5)
Hod of Netzach:
Visualize the victory.
We see with our soul’s eyes, that which we wish to accomplish. We take a moment to bask in the glory of our goal.

Friday evening
Day 6)
Yesod of Netzach:
Seeing the goal, we prepare for the victory that comes with awe and awareness.

Saturday evening
Day 7)
Malchut of Netzach:
No more planning, no more waiting.
“Doing it makes it happen!”