The evening of May 4th, began the third week of the
Counting of the Omer.
This is the week of Tiferet.
Tiferet means beauty and it is the balance point between Gevurah/judgment and Hesed/mercy

Sunday evening
Day 1)
Hesed of Tiferet:
Tiferet is all about the balance of Love and Discipline, compassion and power. On this day we embrace that balance but lean just a little to the side of mercy.

Monday evening
Day 2)
Gevurah of Tiferet:
Just as we must become off-balance in order to walk, leaning on one foot and then the other, coming to balance when both feet are on the ground, so we must move from Hesed to Gevurah on our daily spirit walk. But always we seek the beautiful balance of Tiferet.

Tuesday evening
Day 3)
Tif’eret of Tiferet:
If we stand still with our legs shoulder width apart and bend our knees slightly, we are balanced. And yet, no matter how we stand we are still a wobbly biped. Spiritually too, we are not completely balanced when we stand alone. But when we lean on G on our spirit council, we become a sturdy tripod. Then we are in Tiferet of Tiferet.

Wednesday evening
Day 4)
Netzah of Tiferet:
Netzah calls us to act on our Tiferet. Beautiful action, that is balanced is the call of this day. How will I reach out in beauty to the people around us and the planet on which we travel.

Thursday evening
Day 5)
Hod of Tiferet:
Everyone needs a Shabbos. If Netzah is the doing, then Hod is the being. In our lives as we seek the beauty of balance, the balanced beauty of life, we need time to reflect on that beauty and on that balance.

Friday evening
Day 6)
Yesod of Tiferet:
Centering is part of balance. Yesod calls us to let it sink in, to find the Ki/chi/prajna center of our body/spirit experience. In Tiferet we find the beauty of power in potentia.

Saturday evening
Day 7)
Malchut of Tiferet:
And when we have walked in beauty between judgment and mercy, action and reflection, when we have centered ourselves, it becomes time to enter the world in beauty and help return our planet to balance.

With many blessings towards achieving our personal balance,

Reb Bahir

Rocky Mountain” Hai”