April 28th, begins the second week of the Counting of the Omer.

This is the week of Gevurah.

Today we carry on the counting of the Omer into the mystical mystery of Kabbalah. We count the Omer by dwelling on the Branches, called Sefirot, on the Tree of Life

Gevurah is about the discipline of power and the power of discipline. A world filled with unconditional love cannot stand. It needs a little Gevurah to balance life and enhance the flow. This week we allow Gevurah to help us look into ourselves, illuminating the different corners that so often get overlooked in our workaday struggles.

Day 1) Hesed of Gevurah:
The unconditional love hidden within the disciplined path of power.

Day 2) Gevurah of Gevurah:
Finding the strength to live a powerful life filling each moment with meaning.

Day 3) Tif’eret of Gevurah:
Discovering the balance that leans on inner power mitigating judgment with compassion.

Day 4) Netzah of Gevurah:
We strive to find the courage to act on our personal power.

Day 5) Hod of Gevurah:
Exploring in quiet solitude the power and the process and the path that lies ahead.

Day 6) Yesod of Gevurah:
Settling our power deep within us. Letting go of the ego trappings of authority and discovering our true power and the power of truth.

Day 7) Malchut of Gevurah:
Gathering our gleanings of power and carrying them out into a world sometimes too short sighted to see and too deaf to the needs of humanity an our planet. We go forth to life, using our power not as stumbling blocks to the blind but as building blocks to blessing.